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2006-05-16 mquinsonpeigne la girafe
2006-05-16 alegrandA word about the C++ bug
2006-04-24 alegrandCommit my modifications.
2006-04-19 alegrandDocument my modifications
2006-04-12 mquinsonsanitize this function name before its API is frozen...
2006-04-12 mquinsonDocument that amok BW module is done
2006-04-11 mquinsonNew function: xbt_display_backtrace(). Sweet while...
2006-04-10 alegrandAdd a test in MSG_task_execute to stop whenever a task...
2006-04-07 mquinsonDocument my new toy feature
2006-03-30 mquinsonDocument the introduction of RPC into GRAS, and the...
2006-03-30 mquinsondocument last changes
2006-03-30 alegrandUpdate changelog
2006-03-28 mquinsonDocument Arnaud's last changes
2006-03-21 alegrandUpdate the changelog with my last modifications.
2005-10-23 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-10-22 mquinsonRename testsuite to cunit (more sexy name); integrate...
2005-10-22 mquinsonMove OSSP testsuite code out of the testsuite/ dir...
2005-10-21 alegrandOn the 3.0.2 tracks...
2005-10-21 alegrandGetting ready for 3.0.1
2005-10-11 alegrandDocument last changes.
2005-10-03 mquinsonWrite yet another changelog entry for Arnaud (bugfix...
2005-10-02 mquinsonAdd a yummy matrix multiplication rpc thing
2005-09-30 mquinsonallow the size of multidimentional objects to be given...
2005-09-23 mquinsonLet's stick to ascii and avoid non-breaking spaces
2005-09-21 alegrandLet's document my modifications by myself !!! :)
2005-09-09 mquinsonDocument last changes (gras perf improvement) and some...
2005-09-08 mquinsonWrite a changelog entry for Henry
2005-09-08 mquinsonRework the Transport layer to simplify it and improve...
2005-09-05 mquinsoncosmetics
2005-09-05 mquinsonUse gras_datadesc_copy() to exchange messages on top...
2005-09-05 mquinsonImplement gras_datadesc_copy
2005-08-30 mquinsonWrite a changelog entry for Arnaud, since he keeps...
2005-08-27 mquinsonDocumentation of xbt_log module unmercifully reworked
2005-08-26 alegrandUpdate the changelog
2005-08-25 alegrandI had forgotten to commit these files at release time...
2005-08-16 alegrandupdate the changelog
2005-08-09 alegrandmoving to 2.97
2005-08-09 alegrandversion 2.96
2005-08-07 mquinsonDocument changes even before there are actually finished
2005-08-02 alegrandupdate the changelog :)
2005-08-02 alegrandupdate the changelog :)
2005-07-01 alegrandSee! I document my work! ;)
2005-07-01 alegrandmoving to 2.96
2005-07-01 mquinson.
2005-06-30 alegrandmoving to 2.95
2005-06-29 mquinsonDocument some of the lastest changes
2005-06-29 mquinsonDocument lastest Arnaud's changes
2005-06-27 mquinsonDocument last change
2005-06-23 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-06-06 mquinsondocument last changes (s/raw/meas/)
2005-06-04 mquinsonDocument last changes, and cleanup things a bit
2005-05-30 mquinsondocument last changes
2005-05-27 mquinsonA proper (even if really KISS) implementation of gras_o...
2005-05-25 mquinsondocument last changes
2005-05-24 mquinsonImplement MSG_get_msgload
2005-05-13 mquinsonRelease 2.94
2005-05-10 mquinsoncosmetics
2005-05-10 mquinsonDocument properly the emulation module
2005-05-10 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-05-08 mquinsonSome more work to do
2005-05-02 mquinsonTranslate the todo and add an item
2005-04-28 mquinsonConfigury beautification
2005-04-28 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-04-28 mquinsonLet's get sensible
2005-04-28 mquinsonDocument 'Cleanups in the doxygenification of MSG examp...
2005-03-31 mquinsonI can't code right now, but I can polute the ChangeLog ;)
2005-03-31 alegrandupdate
2005-03-30 mquinsons/gras_process_getpid/gras_os_getpid/
2005-03-30 alegrandcommit changes
2005-03-29 mquinsonDocument tonight's changes
2005-03-16 alegrandAdd MSG_task_get_compute_duration() and MSG_task_get_da...
2005-03-08 mquinsondocument changes, and add the 2.94 release goals. Sorry...
2005-03-04 alegrandOn the way to 2.94
2005-03-04 alegrandReady for the 2.93!
2005-03-04 mquinsonDone with neuf-trois. Move the remaining to TODO and...
2005-03-04 mquinsonRL deployment almost done
2005-03-03 mquinsondocument last changes
2005-02-28 alegrandTypo
2005-02-27 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-02-25 mquinsonDocument last changes (better SG/RL separation)
2005-02-25 mquinsonRemove dumb/precoce idea
2005-02-23 mquinsonDocument last change (fix flex version detection)
2005-02-23 mquinsonLaunch 2.93 devel
2005-02-23 mquinsonGet ready for release
2005-02-23 alegrandUpdate
2005-02-23 mquinsonDocument last changes, make clean 2.92 is not out yet
2005-02-23 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-02-14 alegrandTypos : a lot of mecanism -> mechanism and functional...
2005-02-13 mquinsonadd timers to GRAS
2005-02-13 mquinsonDocument, document and keep documenting
2005-02-13 mquinsonPlace the new changelog (using debian format) at the...
2005-02-11 mquinsondoxygenification of XBT
2005-02-08 alegrandmerge
2005-02-08 mquinsondocument last changes
2005-02-08 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-02-04 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-01-31 alegrandWe should have done that more often...
2004-12-16 mquinsonDocument last changes
2004-11-29 alegrandFailures now taken into account. Need to write clean...
2004-11-16 alegrandRenamed host to cpu. That was really confusing.