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2007-06-04 mquinsonExport public data in a way where we can specify that...
2007-05-16 alegrandAdding a <route> tag.
2007-04-11 cheriermexport some variables
2007-03-23 mquinsonReduce the visibility of stdio.h because it was loaded...
2007-03-13 cheriermexport some functions in windows dll
2007-02-07 mquinsontypo in windows DLL cruft
2007-02-07 cheriermtake care of new dll import and dll export in Windows
2006-10-06 cheriermOnly adds the XBT_PUBLIC macro decoration a the beginin...
2006-07-19 mquinsonGeneration with flex-1.5.3
2006-07-18 mquinsonAnother try at cleaning up the function types
2006-07-13 mquinsonflexml 1.5.1 will save the world
2006-05-29 alegrandAsk for version 1. Default is version 0.
2006-05-29 alegrandAdding a "version" tag to platform_description. This...
2006-04-25 mquinsonregenerate with lastest flexml
2006-03-30 alegrandfiner inclusion of sysdep.h
2006-03-21 alegrandMake last version of flex (2.5.33-2) happy.
2006-03-21 alegrandEnable surfxml to live with an other xml parser in...
2006-03-20 alegrandenable surfxml to live with an other xml parser in...
2006-03-20 alegrandmv surf_parse -> surfxml_parse
2006-03-20 alegrandfactoring + some functions go public
2006-03-20 alegrandRemove cruft
2005-10-24 mquinsonPut all typedef of generic callbacks in the same place
2005-08-16 alegrandregenerate the lexer
2005-08-16 alegrandmoving stuff to enable surf_parser hijacking