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Speedup arch signature detection code; add sparc signature
[simgrid.git] / configure
2004-07-07 mquinsonmake SG optional to the configuration and compilation...
2004-07-07 mquinsonAdd ppc arch signature
2004-07-06 mquinsoncurrent state
2004-06-29 mquinsonNew configure (generated on Graal since my hard disk...
2004-06-04 mquinsonUpdate of external scripts
2004-04-28 mquinsongs est parti
2004-04-21 mquinson [Data description]
2004-04-15 mquinson2004-04-09 Martin Quinson <martin.quinson@tuxfamily...
2004-04-06 mquinsonJ'en ai marre de faire des messages detailles. 'Current...
2004-03-03 mquinsonCheck the GRAS_ARCH; cosmetics
2004-03-01 mquinsonUpdate
2004-02-03 mquinsonReduce overengeneering around datadesc, put stubs in...
2004-01-29 mquinsonmake dist now works
2004-01-28 mquinsonautomatic update
2004-01-27 mquinsonInitial revision